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    Wine tasting in Napa. #wine #winetasting #napa

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    France 2011 #bayeux #france

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    Magical Contamination is a visual archive of the magic of mold. 

    ( Swiss Miss  Mrs. Easton)

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    Colonel Meow

    Colonel Meow died. He was my favorite internet cat. Today is a sad day. RIP Colonel Meow. 

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    Ocean beach sunset #sf #romantic #beach

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    The Oldest Living Things in the World - Rachel Sussman

    Rachel Sussman is a contemporary artist from Brooklyn. She received a bachelor’s in the Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York and later on got her master’s in Fine Arts from Bard College. She went on to get a PhD at Central Saint Martins in London. 

    For five years Rachel researched and traveled all around the world to find the Oldest Living Things in the World. The criteria was that the living things had to be 2000 years old or older. She worked with biologist all around the world to document different plant species and bacteria that have survived thousands of years. 

    (There are captions to some of the photos) 

    Photo Credits: Rachel Sussman 

    3rd picture from the top. The picture is taken in Greenland and documents  3,000 year old lichen. This lichen grows 1cm every 100 years. 

    5th picture from the top. The Aspens. Clonal colony of Aspen trees in Utah. There is a root network originating from a tree 80,000 years ago and all the trees you see in the picture are growing from the same roots. 

    6th picture from the top. The trees grow and live underground. You’re seeing the top of the canopy of the trees. Forest fires are prevalent in this area so the trees evolved to grow underground to save themselves.  

    Last picture. This is not moss covering rocks. It’s actually a shrub that’s 3,000 years old consisting of a tight network of branches and tiny leaves sprouting off of these branches

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    I miss fog.



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